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White Supremacist Chris Cantwell Promises Revenge Over Conviction of Charlottesville Killer

Cantwell threatened "complete and total destruction" of "Charlottesville and the broad left"

Chris Cantwell speaks to a reporter while seated outdoors

Chris Cantwell appears in a Vice News documentary on the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville.

Vice News/HBO

Chris Cantwell,a.k.a.the "Crying Nazi," responded to the conviction of James Fields,who was found guilty of first-degree murder for plowing a car into protesters inCharlottesville,by threatening "complete and total destruction" of "Charlottesville and the broad left" in a post on social network Gab.

On Friday,Fields,who killed paralegal and civil rights activist Heather Heyer,wasconvicted of first-degree murderas well as hit and run and aggravated malicious wounding of eight of the 35 people who were injured by his vehicle.Fields had driven from his home in Ohio to Charlottesville to attend the 2017 "Unite the Right" rally,organized by white supremacist nationalists.

In his post,Cantwell claimed the conviction would create "an army of fanatics who are ready to die" and "drive us toward [Charlottesville and the left's] complete and total destruction,as a matter of necessity for our very survival." But,contrarily,Cantwell also distanced himself and his followers from Fields,describing him as as "best as I can tell… a good,if troubled man" but claimed he was "not a soldier" in their movement.Because apparently "good,if troubled" men intentionally send their car careening into a crowd of innocent people.

Cantwell earned the nickname of the "Crying Nazi" when heposted a video of himself cryingwhen he learned there was a warrant out for his arrest for his role in the violence in Charlottesville."One minute I'm a fucking white supremacist terrorist and the next minute I'm a fucking crybaby?" he whined toThe Daily Beastin an interview after his arrest."I'm a goddamn human being."

In May,he声称自己是联邦调查局线人,although the claim appears to be unsubstantiated.Cantwell was also banned from dating platform OkCupid "for life" after his profile went viral in the wake of the Charlottesville rally.


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